Priložnost za študijsko izmenjavo na Japonskem

Priložnost za študijsko izmenjavo na Japonskem Objavljeno: 9. 9. 2021

Graduate School of Science and Technology (Kumamoto University) vabi podiplomske študente na študijsko izmenjavo na Japonsko.


Več informacij – sporočilo izvajalca programa

Greetings from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University, Japan.

We would like to announce the IJEP Short-Term Exchange Program with JASSO scholarship starting March 1, 2022.

There are 2 programs, and we are recruiting applicants (graduate students), who are from partner universities with a student exchange agreement.

1. Environmental Leader Program (20 applicants)
2. Advanced Science and Technology Program (7 applicants)

Please note that the programs may be cancelled depending on the spread of Covid-19.

The following conditions apply to the programs; 1. Amount of scholarship: 80,000 yen per month (participants have to take responsibility for the cost of flight ticket, accommodation, food, health insurance and other living cost, etc.) 2. Duration of the program: Either 6 or 11 months from March 1, 2022 3. Application Deadline: November 19(Fri), 2021 4. Program contents:
-Research project
Take one of the classes, “English for Science and Technology” in spring semester (2 credits) or “Current Science and Technology in Japan” in fall semester (2 credits).
At least 3 classes related to topics in environment issues are required (only for Environmental Leader).
-Field trip (only for Environmental Leader) -Final Report -Midterm and final presentations

For further information, please visit our website at

The application form can be downloaded from

*All applications should be submitted through the international office of the applicant’s home university, and applicants should be recommended with the order of priority. For your convenience, please use the attached Excel form.
*Please note that our selection committee is responsible for screening applicants and the result may be different from the order of priority at your university.
*Additional cost for quarantine process associated with traveling to Japan should be borne by the applicant.
*Depending on the spread of the new coronavirus, we may have to cancel the program.



Vse aktualne informacije v zvezi z mednarodno izmenjavo študentov in mednarodnim sodelovanjem, bomo objavljali v Erasmus novicah.

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